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Life Depends On Diligence. No Pursuit, No Gain.
Nov 25, 2019 10:06 AM   审核人:

Pan Zhao interpreted for overseas journalists and took a photo with them

Pan Zhao, a 2019 translation major graduate of JISU, once served as the Publicity Committee Member of the Party Branch of the School of Translation and Interpreting, Deputy Secretary of the Youth League Committee, Branch Secretary of the Class League, and Head of the Interpreting Club. During her life in college, she acquired many honors including state-level “Excellent Volunteer? “the Merit Award?in 2017 National Teaching Skills Competition for the English Majors of Higher Normal Schools, ?019 Star of Chinese University Students?Self-improvement? provincial “A Hundred Excellent College Students? college-level “Merit Student? “Outstanding Student Cadre? “One Study & One Model? “Outstanding Youth League Cadre? school-level “Top Ten College Students -- Star of Overall Development? “Excellent Individual in Art Festival? and “Outstanding Head of Club? She also received many scholarships.

As a translation major, Pan puts English learning first. She passed the TEM-4 when she was a sophomore. While studying, she broadened her knowledge by accumulating various professional materials. She served as a planning editor and wrote two translation-assisted books: “The List of Famous Foreign Translators?and “Exploration and Research of Translation Studies? She wrote a paper named “The Domestication and Foreignization of English-Chinese News Translation from the Perspective of Intercultural Communication?as the first author, which was included in the Journal of Jilin Huaqiao Foreign Languages Institute. She established and presided over the project, “Analysis of the Status Quo of the Development of College English Clubs and Countermeasures? which was successfully completed on schedule. She also wrote related papers that were included in the Xueyuan magazine. She participated actively in major-related volunteering activities. For instance, she was an interpreter in many activities such as the “Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up in Changchun? and the “Vasa International Forest Hiking Festival? She has more than 100 hours of volunteering service.

As for student work, Pan Zhao has consecutively planned the theme of the two International Cultural & Art Festivals, and served as the head of the school for organization and preparation. As the Deputy Secretary of the Youth League Committee at JISU, she cared for the ideological construction of the school, made each department fulfill their duties, innovated the evaluation system and reformed the publicity work via new media and hosting ten events such as “Star of School of Translation and Interpreting–Excellent Students? As Branch Secretary of the Class League, she led Class 1501 of Translation major to obtain “May 4th Red Flag Holding Youth League Branch?twice. As Head of the Interpreting Club, she has consecutively hosted two sessions of the Campus Contest of CTPC Cup Interpretation and the “Cross-Strait Interpretation Competition? She led the Interpreting Club to establish a school-enterprise partnership with the Jinshi Study-abroad Agency, and delivered excellent students to the company for internships. She organized nearly 10 special brand activities such as ?/span>The First Tide Forum of the School of Translation and Interpreting?/span> and ?/span>Simulated Leaders Election Campaign?/span>. The club has been rated as an ?/span>Excellent Club?/span> for two consecutive years, and has been selected by the School League Committee to participate in the selection of the top 100 national clubs.

Besides study and work, Pan proactively participated in various volunteer activities. After she volunteered as a teacher, she publicized “Helping Orphans Achieve Their Dreams?and “Baby Come Home? She has signed her name, promising to donate her organs to those who need them and has become a member of the China Voluntary Team for Human Organ Donation. Nowadays, she has continued her volunteer work. For example, she participated in an ecological poverty alleviation program named Qianxi Afforestation of Ningxia province and joined micro-charity organizations to raise funds for disaster-hit areas.


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