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Salute to My University
Nov 25, 2019 10:13 AM   审核人:

Photo of Zheng Cheng

Zheng Cheng, a graduate of Finance from the class of 2013, admitted to Hong Kong Baptist University for a Master’s degree in Corporate Governance. He worked at the Hong Kong branch of Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank and now working for a Chinese oil company in Hong Kong as the Director of Overseas Financing Department. At the same time, he studied for a Master’s Degree in Financial Law at the Law School of Hong Kong University.

Recalling the university, I can still remember every detail of it. I am so lucky to study at such a positive, sunny university for four years.

After graduation, each student has confusion what they need to do in the future: find a job, prepare for the Civil Servant Qualification Examination, or study abroad for further degrees. But no matter what choices we make in the end, our attitude towards our university should be the same, that is, positive and persistent.

I decided to continue my master’s degree at Hong Kong at the beginning of my junior year and then I started preparing for Unified National Graduate Entrance Examination. In my opinion, if you plan to work, you should participate in an internship and step into the society as soon as possible, in order to strengthen your character. The corresponding choices should have different emphases, but we must have a positive attitude in order to make a choice.

JISU taught me that I should be a good person, and participate in activities that help me to learn. This is a useful skill for me to use often.

To work in Hong Kong, it is required to write in two languages and speak in three languages, that is, to be proficient in writing in English and Chinese, and in oral communication with Mandarin, English and Cantonese. The training mode of “professional skills plus foreign language?at JISU made me quickly adapt to the working environment in Hong Kong, and also challenged me to master Cantonese quickly.

When I worked at Hong Kong branch of Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank, which is the head office in the Asia-Pacific region, the colleagues were from all over the world. Therefore, the most difficult part of working here was not only the financial transaction, but also the effectiveness of communication with my colleagues. At that time, various kinds of experiences at JISU really helped me a lot, so everyone should make full use of the multicultural environment of JISU to enrich themselves.

At present, my work is mainly used as a bridge for overseas financial institutions to communicate with the Shandong headquarters. Together with my team members, we work to help the company to improve development overseas. At the same time, it also allows more overseas banks and enterprises to know China and Chinese companies. The good situation of economic development benefits both parties involved.

The offshore financial work is relatively complicated and so it is a process of gradually building trust, but when you see Chinese companies gradually emerge in the international capital market, you feel proud to be Chinese.

Trust must be built between companies, as well as between employees and bosses. The boss doesn't care about your IQ, what counts most is your willingness, modesty, and having a positive attitude. I still remember what I said to myself when I first arrived at JISU, “When I graduate from this university, I must come up with a decent resume." Therefore, I set up one or two small goals every semester, and gradually I saw personal growth. Until now, I still insist on the habit of setting a goal every six months in order to make sure I am moving forward.

I graduated from JISU for more than five years ago, and I constantly miss my alma mater. I hope JISU will become an internationally influential century-old university. As an alumnus, I will do my best to work hard and help JISU establish friendly relations with universities in Hong Kong, which I hope will bring new life into the development of JISU.


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