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The 4th Chinese Poetry Reading and Appreciation Competition Held at the School of International Exchanges
Nov 19, 2019 10:29 AM   School of International Exchan 审核人:

On the afternoon of November 13, the 4th Chinese Poetry Reading and Appreciation Competition of School of International Exchanges (SIE) was held at the English Village (located in the Global Village). The competition aims to improve international students?Chinese proficiency, bolster their confidence, and increase their interest in classical Chinese literature. Over 100 international students watched the competition.

A total of ten contestants from America, Russia, South Korea, Japan, Tajikistan, and Indonesia participated in the competition. Each contestant should express the charm and emotions of each poem, which poses a great challenge to the international students who come from all different cultural backgrounds. Nevertheless, the unique charm of Chinese poetry attracted the contestants and they worked hard to prepare well. With beautiful voices, dignified mannerisms, and rich expressions, they made the audience become engrossed in the famous Chinese poems: A Farewell to Rain, Seeds of Laughter, an Arduous Road in Ancient Sichuan, and Love Life.

After fierce competition, Su Huina won the first prize for her excellent performance and her instructor, Qu Yiguo, was awarded “The Best Instructor?award. Moreover, Maria and Paulina won second prize and Solomon, Zheng Minzhu and Nikita won third prize. Four other students earned the Best Style Award and the Best Popularity Award.

Zhang Yulei, the director of the teaching and research section at SIE, delivered a closing speech at the competition. Zhang highly praised the international students?understanding of Chinese poetry. He hopes that through this competition, international students can strengthen their understanding of and admiration for Chinese culture to help build bridges of friendship for and cultural understanding between the peoples of the world.

The competition has not only enriched the international students?campus life, it has also given them a deeper understanding for traditional Chinese poetry and newfound enthusiasm for Chinese learning.

Judges, contestants and audience members


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