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JISU Students Wins First Prize in the First German Dubbing Competition of Jilin Province
Nov 15, 2019 10:32 AM   School of Western Languages 审核人:

On November 13, the First German Dubbing Competition of Jilin Province was held at Changchun Normal University. After fierce competition, JISU contestants Liu Jiangyue, Cheng Junying and Kuang Yi won first prize and Tan Renfei, Wang Keqing, Yu Weitao, Yuan Caiyu, Liu Xiaoyuan and Yang Hong won second prize. Tan Renfei claimed the?/span>Best Male Voice Award?/span>for his outstanding langauge skills.

The First German Dubbing Competition was hosted by the Jilin Foreign Language Association and organized by Changchun Normal University (CNU). Ten teams from five universities (JISU, CNU, Jilin Normal University, Jilin Engineering Normal University and Boda College of Jilin Normal University) participated in the competition.

contestants of JISU: Liu Jiangyue, Kuang Yi and Cheng Junying (from left to right)

contestants of JISU: Liu Xiaoyuan, Yang Hong, Yu Weitao, Wang Keqing, Yuan Caiyu and Tan Renfei(from left to right)

With strong pronunciation and intonation and skillful use of language, the Liu Jiangyue’s team performed very well in the competition. Tan Renfei’s team was praised by the judges and instructors of other colleges for their stellar performance. Their excellent pronunciation and wonderful role interpretation proudly showcased the quality of JISU students?language abilities.

The School of Western Languages attaches great importance to this competition. Guo Yuanqi, director of the German department, and Zhao Lingyan, the team instructor, gave great coaching and support to the JISU contestants. According to Guo, as a good practical opportunity for German major learners, the competition serves as another great step forward in their language learning process. The awards fully demonstrated the effective teaching taking place in the German department at JISU, and experience gained by the students is invaluable as they continue to learn and grow.


Guo Yuanqi (first from the left in the second row) and contestans from JISU






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