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JISU Joined the Global Alliance of Foreign Studies Universities
Dec 24, 2019 10:18 AM   International Exchange Office 审核人:

On December 22nd, President Qin He signed an agreement of Global Alliance of Foreign Studies Universities (GAFSU), which represents that JISU has formally joined GAFSU. JISU is the first non-governmental university of China to join in the alliance.

GAFSU was founded by universities of foreign languages teaching and conducting national and regional research in 2017. As an open, non-profit and unincorporated organization, the Alliance has thirty-five members of foreign studies universities around the world. Upholding the ideal of “Unity and Trust, and Win-win Cooperation? the Alliance aims to establish an educational cooperation platform with the purposes of “teaching foreign language research, national and regional research and in person ethnic exchanges?

This event strengthens JISU’s educational exchanges and cooperation with other foreign studies universities in the world, increases faculties?and students?mutual visits and exchanges, and jointly improves teaching and scientific research capacities so as to facilitate international learning.

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