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Seize the Opportunity; Start a New Journey --2020 New Year’s Wishes Given by President Qin He
Jan 1, 2020 10:30 AM   News Center 审核人:

As described in the poem by Meng Haoran who lived during the Tang Dynasty, ?em>Last night to the east the Big Dipper’s handle pointed, and this morning a New Year has started,?the new year has indeed begun. In this beautiful moment of welcoming the new, on behalf of JISU, I want to express my new year wishes to the faculty and students, alumni both at home and abroad, and friends from all walks of life who keep caring and supporting our school development. I hope you all have a loving family and a healthy body and fulfill your dreams.

In 2019, China experienced its 70th anniversary. We all take pride in our homeland. As for JISU, 2019 was a year of great growth. Over the past year, we have remained true to our original aspiration, fulfilled our duty, achieved new things, and taken a solid step in building high-level university.

We made great achievements last year. The Chinese-foreign presidents?forum & the opening ceremony of JISU was hosted on the campus. The event was unprecedentedly successful and was written into the history of JISU. The second round review and evaluation visit of undergraduate teaching (a national level evaluation) took place and JISU received great praise from the experts. We added Polish and Czech majors, established the School of International Culture and Tourism, the School of International Art, and the Continuing Education School. The English major was approved as a first-class national undergraduate major, and 5 majors were selected as provincial first-class majors. Approved by the Ministry of Education, JISU also obtained its first funds to begin international research projects. Moreover, we have become the first collaborative school for recipients of the “Chinese-African Friendship?Chinese Government Scholarship. JISU also the joined Global Alliance of Foreign Studies Universities and China-Japan Humanities Exchange University Alliance and launched the first “Confucius Class?in the United States. The newly-built Shiqiao Hall was put into use, and the new Global Village and Apartment Building for Postgraduates were built. In conclusion, facilities of JISU have improved and its education continues to move forward.

With the goal of building high-level university, JISU will focus on the “Six Key Aspects?(student growth, scientific research, social service, cultural heritage and innovation, international exchange and effective management). Closely focusing on serving the “Belt and Road?and “Open Jilin?initiatives, it will continue to optimize disciplines and specialties, improve the personnel training system, and innovate teaching methods, and use high-class facilities. JISU will comprehensively strengthen the construction of new humanities, endeavor to create first-class disciplines and first-class majors, and launch “Golden Courses?to continuously improve the quality of education. We will apply for becoming the school that offers doctoral degrees and encourage teaching research to enhance our capacities for serving China, the regional economy and society. JISU will expand international exchange and cooperation, and continue to improve its international environment. It will strengthen effective management and become even more efficient.

Where there is good wind, there is good sailing. The New Era is a period full of opportunities and unprecedented challenges. The Great Career is stimulating us; a promising future is waiting for us. Let us be united, take actions, seize the opportunities, face the challenges head-on, be pragmatic, and shoulder our duty, moving closer toward the goal of establishing a high-level and international university together.

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